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Keep your Home Cool this Summer with these Few Tips

Posted on 05/27/2021 in Home Tips


Can you believe that summer is almost here, and yes, we are feeling those high temps already? Owning a home on the coast of North Carolina can have its advantages but having a high electric bill shouldn’t be one of them. We at Remax at the Beach would like to share a few tips on how you can keep your home cooler this summer. Let’s look below at how you can keep that electric bill in check as you still enjoy a nice cool home.




Summers in North Carolina would not be complete without the heat and humidity. This, in return, can cause your home to become humid year-round, especially on the coast. One way that you can help your home stay cool is to use a dehumidifier. This machine is like a humidifier, but it filters the water out of the air instead of adding moisture to the air. In return, your home will feel much cooler and more comfortable to stay in during one of the many heat waves we may experience. You can find many different sizes and brands of dehumidifiers at locals stores or online, but we recommend that one that fits your needs.


Keep a Check on the A/C


Another way that you can keep your house cool is by keeping a check on your air conditioner. Maximize how your air conditioner works during the day and at night to help out. As the temperatures rise outside, it doesn’t mean you need to set your thermostat to the lowest it can go. While it’s suggested that you set the thermostat to 78° during the day, most will put it to 75° instead. Many doctors have said that you will get a better night’s sleep during the night if your thermostat is set to 68°. This can work in your favor during the summer months as the nights are much cooler than the daytime, so it won’t be working as hard to keep up. Another thing that you don’t want to forget is to change your air filters every 30 days to keep your air conditioner in check.


Keep those Doors Open


While you may hear in the winter to keep all those doors closed in your home, it’s the opposite during the summer. When it starts getting warm and hot outside, you want your home to have good airflow. One way to help that out is making sure that all the doors in your home to other rooms are open. Not only will this help keep your home cool, but it may also help keep that electric bill down as your air conditioner isn’t working as hard.


There are many other ways to keep your home cool this summer, but we felt that we needed to tell you about these. If you haven’t found your home in the Brunswick County area, allow our team to help you out. We look forward to hearing how these tips have helped keep your home cool and the electric bill down this summer!

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