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Don't Overlook These 6 Things When Purchasing Your Next Home

Posted on 03/06/2017 in Brunswick County

Looking at homes to buy can be overwhelming at times but there are some basic things to keep in mind when you’re looking for a new home. There are a large number of homes coming onto the market at this time of the year and your next home is likely to be among them. Never settle for less than what you want in a home. At ReMax at the Beach we have what it takes to help you find that perfect home in Brunswick County. We call Brunswick County "home" too.

For some people, buying a new home may feel intimidating if it is your first time looking. It is understandable that you'd want to make the best decision possible. We’re here to help you with that. Following are six important things to look for when purchasing your next home.

Efficient HVAC System

Heating and cooling count for a large percentage of a home's monthly operating costs. An outdated heating and air conditioning system can drive up your electricity bills while decreasing your comfort. Make sure the HVAC system is one of the newer efficient models and has been well maintained. If it’s not new, ask to see maintenance records.

Interior Layout

Do you like an open concept or do you prefer individual rooms? Decorating a home is easy, but big renovations like knocking out walls or adding rooms can drive up costs. It is better to start with architectural details that already work for you and your family. Pay attention to how one space flows to another, ceiling height, number of rooms and the amount of natural light.

Roof Condition

Many homebuyers forget to check out this important home feature. A damaged or outdated roof can indicate water damage and mold problems in the home. We can supply you with information about any upgrades to a home’s existing roof and the home inspection will provide you with more information you need to know about a home.

Upgraded Plumbing

Old homes can possess a lot of charm, but if you are considering buying a piece of vintage real estate, make sure you have the plumbing thoroughly checked. Old metal pipes can leak or might be corroding and adding visible sediment to the water supply. Upgraded plumbing helps you avoid problems such as burst pipes and high water bills from inefficient plumbing features.

A Great Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the home. Even if you don't plan to spend a lot of time there, you will want to make sure the kitchen adds a lot of value to the home in case you put it back on the market in the future. Renovating a kitchen can be costly, so start out with a kitchen you like just as it is.

How Many Bathrooms

Adding a bathroom is neither simple nor inexpensive. Be sure the home you buy has enough bathrooms to match your family's needs. Two bathrooms at a minimum are ideal.

Features such as the finish on kitchen cabinets, countertops, wall colors, carpeting and other minute details can be easily changed after purchasing the home. Put more worth on a sound structure, the right number of rooms and a layout that works for you, and you can’t go wrong when purchasing real estate in Brunswick County NC.

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