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What Paint Colors Should You Use When Selling Your Home?

01/31/2020 in Home selling


Are you looking to get a new home and will be placing your home on the market soon? If you are, then adding a fresh coat of paint inside your home can help improve the market value of your home. With so many different color options that is out there, it can be a difficult option for many homeowners. We at Remax at the Beach can help you in finding your dream home but also in helping you sell you home. Let’s look below at some of the different color options that seem to be the colors that help sell your home here on the coast.


Should I Paint My Home Before Listing?

This is a question that we get asked a lot and we want you to be able to get the best price for your home. If you are on the fence about if you should or shouldn’t, we do recommend that you do paint the interior rooms and paint some of the trim outside your home. If you have been living in your home for more than 5 years and do you have multiple rooms painted in bold colors? If yes, then just freshening up the homes paint colors can help make your home feel more inviting for every prospective home buyer.


Which Color Should I Choose?

Choosing a color for each room can be a little overwhelming but we can help with that decision. You will want to choose colors that can help brighten the room and allow smaller rooms seem bigger. Using light and bright colors can allow the room and space of your home to feel more open and airy feeling. White, off-white, blues and greens will make the space seem larger and more inviting for the new homebuyers. Although, if you do go with a navy blue it will make your home seem more expensive such as in a dining room or bedroom. But be sure to paint the trim a lighter color to make it pop!


Which Color Will Be Right for Each Room? 


Choosing the right color for each room is what may seem a little daunting, but we can promise you that it’s not. We want to help you get the most money out of the sale of your home so that you can go find your dream home here on the coast of North Carolina.

·      Kitchen – Blues, Mint or Gray

·      Dining Room – Slate Colors or Navy Blue with light trim

·      Living Room/Family Room – Beige, Mint Blue, Off-White

·      Bedroom – Light Blues, Mint Green or Bright Blue

·      Bathrooms – Light Pale Blues

There are many other colors that you can check out in the local hardware store that might fit your home better. But these are just a few suggestions that we wanted you to have in order to get the top price for your home. When you are ready to begin the sale of your home, allow us at Remax at the Beach to help you out. We would love to help you sell your home and find your next dream home here on the coast!

Helpful Tips on Selling your Home this Summer

05/31/2019 in Home selling

Summer will be here in just a few short weeks and that means that school will be out too. Many families will be placing their home up for sale and that means that more homes will be available to purchase in the area. It also could mean that you too are thinking of selling your home to move into a larger home or maybe a home closer to the beach. We understand that it can be overwhelming to place your home up for sale anytime of the year but can be a little more stressful during the summer month. With the kids out of school it means that showing a home can be more challenging. But don’t allow it to especially with the help of our Brunswick County agents to help you through the process. Let’s look at a few helpful tips that can make selling your home this summer a little less challenging.


Curb Appeal

A key component to selling your home is making a few changes to update the curb appeal to your home. It is the first thing that the buyers will see when they come to an open house or even a private showing. Some of the items that you want to spruce up is your lawn and the flower beds. If your lawn looks a little dry, then we suggest that you water it for a half hour each day to liven it up some. Next item to do is to make sure the bushes near the house are neatly trimmed and the flower beds have been given a little makeover. Touch up any outdoor paint on the exterior of your home as well. This can help you in the long run when you are selling your home. 


A Cool Home in the Summer

Another important thing that you must remember to do is to keep your home cool especially during the summer. For anyone living in the south, this is a very important thing to do when you have your home on the market. The potential homebuyers want to make sure that you’re a/c can withstand the heat and the home is efficient enough too. To add a little something to help keep your home at the top of the potential homebuyers list is to upgrade your thermostat to a smart thermostat. This can not only help with your own electric bill during the summer months but will help them with keeping the cost down as well once they purchase the home. Adding one at first may seem a little costly but we can promise you that in the long run can help save a lot of money on your cooling and heating costs.

Take the Personal Out of the Home

When you sell a home, you may think that everything is going to stay where it is, but we suggest that you depersonalize your home. Many sellers don’t take this into consideration, but it is important. You don’t want everyone who is coming to see your home to see how many children you have or what their names may be. Make sure you take down all the family portraits and take those reports cards down off the fridge. While it may seem silly to do this, but you are allowing the potential homebuyers to visualize this as their space. Pack those items up and put them in a safe space where it will be easy for you to find for your new home.

Stage the Home for Summer



When you think of staging a home, you probably think of the many shows you’ve seen on the television. Staging a home is something that not a lot of people think about, but it can mean a difference when it comes to selling your home quickly. Placing bright flowers around the outside of the home that are perfect for the summer season and placing a bouquet on the dining room table is inviting. Have a few summer themed pillows placed on the couch or on the patio furniture to show how the home can look and make it stand out. No matter how much or how little amount you put into staging the home, it can help you sell your home a little faster.


While it seems like it’s overwhelming to place your home on the market during the summer, we figured these were the best ones to help you. If you are in the market for a new home in the Brunswick County area, give us a call today. We look forward to helping you and your family find your forever home!


Preparing your Home for the Market

08/14/2018 in Home selling

We understand that prepping a home to put it on the market can be difficult, but we have a few things that can help you get your home ready to put on the market. We at Re/Max at the Beach can help you with putting your home up on the market and we want to make sure you’re getting the best value for your home. Let’s look below at a few steps and things you can do to help get your home ready to sell.

Closet Space

When it comes to selling your home, storage is something that every home buyer is looking for. If they are coming from a small home or even an apartment, their storage space for closets have been limited. So here is a little tip for you, take half of the stuff out of your closets then neatly organize them. The buyers will snoop to see the closet space, so keep all your closets and cabinets clean and tidy.

Kitchen is the Heart of the Home


We all know that the kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where you as a family may have gathered to spend time together and it’s the kitchen that many home buyers are looking at. They are looking for a kitchen that feels like it was made just for them. If your cabinets are old or look outdated, then update them or change them a bit. You can do this without having to spend a ton of money to freshen it up. If you have a little extra money, buy one fancy stainless steel appliance for your kitchen. Reason being is when people see one high-end appliance, they think that the rest are expensive, and it updates the kitchen. Also, give the walls a new neutral color so that the new homeowners can envision their own style.

Take the Home out of your House

One of the most important things to remember when selling your home is to depersonalize it. Take the more personal things out of the house or pack them away before staging your home. This helps because it not only keeps things private for you, but also allows the potential buyers to imagine themselves living there. Staging is everything and you want to make sure that your furniture is arranged to showcase the floor plan the best. Make your home be the home that everyone wants!

Always Be Ready to Show

We understand that life can become busy and hard to want to keep clean. When you have your home on the market you have to always be ready for a potential homebuyer to come see the home. You have to have your home in tip-top shape and that means not leaving dirty dishes in the sink and keeping the dishwasher cleaned out. Also it means making sure that your bathrooms are clean and there are no dust bunnies in the corners of your living room. It may seem like it could be an inconvenience but keeping your home clean will help it sell.

First Impression is the Only Impression


As potential homebuyers come in and see your home, the first impression is the only impression. Buyers have already judged your home before they walk through the front door. So, it’s important that you make people feel welcome, warm and safe as they approach your home. Curb appeal is everything, so sprucing up the landscaping will go a long way. You will typically get a 100% return on the money you put into your homes curb appeal. If you have a foyer, make it warm and welcoming by adding a small bench, an entryway table with some fresh cut flowers in a vase. And if you are showing your home that day having a small batch of fresh baked cookies will help with the aroma of the home.


Now that you have some of the tips to help freshen up your home before putting it on the market, allow us at Re/Max at the Beach to be your realtors! Give us a call at 910-842-8686 and allow us to help you sell your home today! We look forward to working with you and helping you find a new house to make your home.


How to Show Your Home Some Love

02/13/2018 in Home selling

This is the month when thoughts turn to love and if your presently in the home selling market it’s important to show your home some love, too! A home that displays love is a home that will sell far quicker!

Following are a few simple ways that Bob Vila (from This Old House, bobvila.com, and a few other shows) suggests you show your home some love and we couldn’t agree more!

1. Arrange Flowers: There’s good reason we associate flowers with love and happiness, especially this time of year. The next time you’re running errands, why not grab an assortment, or a dozen stems of your favorite flower? Apart from the beauty of the blooms, your house will reward your generosity with a wonderfully fresh scent.

2. Replace the Shower Curtain: It’s cosmetic, sure, but while you’re saving up for a full remodel, replacing the shower curtain is an easy, quick, and inexpensive shortcut on the way to a rejuvenated bath.

3. Countertop TLC: While normal cleaning will make your countertops look good, a bit of extra care will make them look great. Whether laminate, granite, marble or stainless steel, there are great ways to maintain the countertop material in your kitchen.

4. Restore Tired Cabinets: If your stained or painted wood cabinets have seen better days, give them a facelift. Your level of investment in the required tools and materials will be small, and the immediate payoff to your kitchen will be huge.

5. Hang Framed Art: Artwork can transform any room in an instant. Choose a piece that appeals to your taste and complements your existing room decor.

6. Upgrade Your Furnace Filter: It’s easy to keep buying replaceable fiberglass furnace filters, but if you really want to treat your HVAC system well, consider stepping up to a model that improves air quality and energy efficiency both.

7. Organize a Closet: While it may take some serious effort, putting your closets in order will not only make you feel better, but will also make your life easier. Take measurements and use appropriate storage hooks, containers, and shelves to organize those closet items.

8. Clean Those Carpets: Really clean them. Either hire a professional or rent one of those heavy-duty carpet cleaning machines over a long weekend. While the carpet may look clean enough, a thorough conditioning not only removes dirt, but also redistributes the pile, making the carpet appear new again.

9. Paint a Room: Just one! Whether you’re changing the color or not, a fresh coat of paint is never a bad idea. For as little as $25 a can, painting is one of the easiest home improvement projects you can tackle yourself.

What is a Comparative Market Analysis?

08/09/2017 in Home selling

If you’ve ever purchased or sold a home chances are you’re familiar with the term “comparative market analysis”. But do you know what it means? A Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) is an in-depth study that compares the price of similar properties on the market and recent property sales records to the home you’re considering purchasing or selling. The goal of a CMA is to find an accurate range of what the home you’re considering is worth. As your real estate agent we will complete a CMA for you because it's the best way to know what the realistic price for a home should be.

Why Do a CMA?

There can be a difference between the amount you’re asking for and what it is really worth. You do not want to over price your property and hope for unrealistic offers, nor do you want to bargain price the home when buyers will want to negotiate it down further. A comprehensive CMA will show you what price range your home falls into and it provides the statistics to back up the asking price.

How Much Does a CMA Cost?

As your real estate agent doing a CMA is part of what we do to assist you in selling or buying a home. This involves pulling data from the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) for homes currently for sale and for those that recently have sold in your area that are also the closest match to your property.

The homes in the report will be similar in square footage, lot size, condition, and features. Though no home may be identical to your own, educated guesses regarding the value in the differences will be made and added or subtracted. For example, a home like yours but without a garage will get the value of a garage subtracted from its price in the analysis.

The Right Comparables

Picking the wrong comparables (also called “comps”) creates the wrong price range. Your listing agent will share their comparables. Things looked at include:
• Type & style of home: Condos are not compared to houses, and a one story ranch is hard to compare to a two story colonial.
• Neighborhood & school district: The CMA will show comparables in the same or similar neighborhoods and school districts as your home.
• Location, location, location: Views, waterfront access, and even the type of neighborhood a home is in all factor into the home's value.
• Square footage: The comparables should be within 15 percent of your home's square footage.
• Number of bedrooms and bathrooms: Comparing larger homes with 3, 4 and 5 beds is fine but below that it gets tricky. Homes with one and two bedrooms do not compare well with 3 to 5 bedroom properties.
• Age of home: A new home makes a good comparison for new home construction or other homes under five years old. However, they’re valued far differently than older homes for sale.
• Condition of home: A fixer-upper would be compared only to other fixer-uppers just as a newly remodeled or maintained home would be compared to the same.
• Lot size and usability: Lot size is significant only when the difference is big. For example, a home with an acre of land can't be compared to one with a small back yard.

CMA Basics to Remember

Some things about the property may not have the selling value that you might think it has. For example, properties with a pool might be nice for those buyers who want a pool but actually may work against you for buyers who don’t want the work or have small children. The same can be said for extensive flower gardens. This is a feature that probably does not add the value of what it cost you to install.

Once you have the CMA in hand you can see how similar properties were priced, how long it took them to sell and what the final contracted price was. You can also see what your competition is with similar homes for sale. This is how we determine what sale price you should consider.

Who To Call

If you have any additional questions about comparative market analysis please don't hesitate to get in touch with us at Remax at the Beach. We'd be happy to answer any questions you may have and do a market analysis on your home.

How to Prepare Your Home for Sale

02/01/2017 in Home selling

Once you’ve decided you want to sell your home you need to do everything you possibly can to have it show well from top to bottom, inside and out. Long before you even call a Realtor you should start prepping your home for putting it on the market. We caution you – do not wait until it’s listed to start fixing and cleaning things. When you list with Re/Max At the Beach you could have showings scheduled as soon as you list!

It’s important to view your home through the eyes of a buyer when it comes to knowing what to focus on. Before potential buyers ever see the inside of your home, they view its exterior. As a result, a dirty home or otherwise unattractive view of the outside of your home could potentially result in a missed opportunity. You may think these things don’t matter but trust us when we say they very much do.

First Impressions: An inviting exterior ensures buyers will step inside. Keep your lawn trimmed and edged, flowerbeds cultivated, the yard free and clear of refuse. Remove any dead potted plants and replace with flowerings ones but only if you can maintain them.

Fresh Paint: Faded walls and worn woodwork turn buyers off. Freshly painted walls make them happy because it means less work for them. Show your prospective buyers how great your home can look and the result will be a quicker sale at a higher price.

A Clean Home is a Happy Home: Sparkling clean windows inside and out will help your sale. Get those dark marks out of the carpeting and scrub the scuff marks off the walls. Yes, these things really do matter.

Kitchens Matter, a Lot:  Keep oven and refrigerator interiors clean - they often get inspected. Scrub the stovetop until it sparkles, including the burner liners. 

Little Fixes Make a Big Difference: Loose doorknobs, sticking drawers and warped cabinet doors are noticed by the prospect. If you can’t fix them yourself then call in a handyman to have them fixed.

Closet Illusions: Clothes properly hung, shoes, hats and other articles neatly placed, will give your closets an organized look. Pack and store excess items to make them appear large enough and not over-stuffed. Paint the interior of closets a bright white to really make them feel spacious.

Fix Dripping Faucets: Dripping faucets can discolor the enamel and calls attention to neglected plumbing maintenance. 

Bathrooms Should Be Super Clean: Bright and clean bathrooms sell many homes. Less than that and they will sit for a long time. Keep toilet lids down and scrub out the scum and stains from the tubs and showers. Nobody wants to buy a dirty house.

The Brighter the Better: Illumination is key to a great showing. Turn on all the lights from the front porch, throughout the house and onto the back deck. The prospect will feel a glowing warmth; otherwise impossible to attain. Be sure to turn on lights during the day in rooms that are not so bright.

Three’s A Crowd: When a realtor and a buyer are scheduled to see your home you should leave before they ever arrive. Remove all pets from the home as well.

Turn the Television Off: The TV can distract from your home. Let the agent and the buyer talk free of any disturbances. Quiet instrumental music in the background sets a pleasant mood.

Smells Matter: People will linger in a fresh, pleasant smelling home. Stale air, bad odors like cigars and cigarettes or Lysol, make them want to leave fast and you will lose the sale. If you're not sure what your home smells like, ask a neighbor or friend to come inside and give their first impression. 

Trust Your Realtor: Don’t discuss price, terms, possession or other factors with a potential buyer. Refer them to us. As a seller, anything you say could compromise your position. As a third party, a Realtor from Re/Max at the Beach can better bring the negotiation to a favorable conclusion.



Holidays Are a Great Time to Sell

12/01/2016 in Home selling

People have mixed feelings when it comes to selling real estate during the holidays. Sellers weigh the impact the holidays may have on their chances of getting their home sold. They imagine juggling showings with family activities, holiday shopping, and seasonal events they must attend. But selling a home during the holidays can be as easy as at any other time of the year when you have Re/Max at the Beach in your corner.

The question returns every year about this time: Is it worth it to put your home on the market now, rather than wait until after the holiday season? The answer is yes! Listing now may actually help your home sell easier and faster than in the months to come. Following are some good reasons why.

Reasons to List Before the Holidays

• The market is going strong. You’ll want to catch the wave by not only selling your house in a reasonable amount of time, with solid offers from the more-serious holiday homebuyer, but also finding your next home at a good price. Your competition when bidding on homes will be considerably less at this time of the year.

• Many employers will relocate employees in time for the New Year so there are relocation buyers are out there shopping for a home. Many of these employees are not focused on holiday fun. These must-move buyers, particularly if they have children, want them to get settled during the holiday season so the kids are ready to enter their new school in January.

• Remember that you can limit the showings on your home to the timeframe when you want it shown. Talk to your Realtor about any special events or parties you have planned and work around them. Sometimes the holidays take you and your family away from the house, and that means easier showings for your Realtor.

• Your home will show better when tastefully decorated for the holidays. Keep it simple and classic, and don’t over-decorate or fill up the rooms with large decorations, making them feel smaller. This is a good time to remember that less is more. It will help you to capture the sentimental buyer who catches the holiday spirit when they see your home decorated.

• There will be substantially more homes for sale coming onto the market after the holidays so it’s critical to get your home listed now. New construction is making a huge comeback. There will be even more competition as buyers will have the option of purchasing new construction in the New Year.

Only you can decide if this is the time to list your home, but the holiday season is actually a very good reason to list your home now. We encourage you to call us at Re/Max at the Beach at 910-842-8686 and let us help you sell your home this holiday season.


How to Avoid Seller's Stress

11/02/2016 in Home selling

How to Avoid Seller's Stress

Selling a home and moving can be an exciting time. It’s full of fresh starts, new friends, and in many cases it’s a brand new chapter in your life. But it can also be one of the most stressful times of your life. When you have a Realtor® like ReMax at the Beach in your corner you can rest assured you’ll have far less stress during the home selling process.

Moving can also be an emotional process. There are the children who are sad about saying goodbye to old friends, your concerns about the people you’ll meet in your new neighborhood. Then there’s the apprehension of whether or not you really did buy the best house within your means and will your children’s new schools will measure up to the ones their leaving.

It's easy to forget that moving can be an exciting adventure that will present you and your family with an opportunity for growth and new beginnings. If you’ve recruited a Realtor like us to lead you through the selling process, know that we’re very familiar with the stresses your family may encounter along the way.

It's important to remember throughout the period of time when you are selling your home and buying another, to make time for yourself and your family. Don’t put 100% of your focus on the move.

How to Avoid Seller's Stress

Taking time to have fun during this process is an insurance policy for your family’s sanity and happiness. Stress can eat away at us during what is supposed to be a happy time and can show itself as bickering, depression, and illness. Any major life change is stressful so be on guard and take precautions.

For the sake of your continued family harmony, keep these stress-relieving measures in mind:

~ It’s perfectly normal to feel unsure of your decision to relocate. Selling a home is a major commitment, and having worries is just plain normal. Focus instead on the new beginnings this move will provide.

~ Trust your Realtor to have your best interests in mind. Ask any questions that come up during the selling process – it’s part of why you have a Realtor. Keep looking forward to the adventure that lies ahead.

~ Keep an emergency fund available in case you run into any unexpected costs prior to selling. If your buyer comes to you after a home inspection and requests you cover a series of repairs prior to move-in, you'll be prepared.

Go hiking with the family

~ Go online and gather as much information as you can about the area you’re moving to. What kinds of cultural offerings does the area offer? What are its landmarks and natural attractions? What would the children be most interested in seeing and doing there? It might be a great time to take up family hiking or biking!

~ While you’re waiting for your home to sell, take family excursions on a regular basis. Encourage everyone to talk about how they anticipate their lives to be once you’re settled into your new home. Be sure to bring up all of the positive possibilities that could take place.

Regardless of what you're feeling now, your home will sell and the move will happen. Everything will fall into place. Journeying into the unknown is what makes life rewarding, so trust in your Realtor's expertise and in your family's resilience, and look forward to the exciting journey ahead. If we can help you in any way to sell or buy a home, please give ReMax at the Beach a call at 910-842-8686.