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Curb Appeal: When Landscape Matters Most

Posted on 05/09/2018 in curb appeal

When it comes to selling a home the list of things you should know about can seem woefully long but at ReMax at the Beach we know what matters most. Your landscape appeal is one of the most important selling points of your home. Consider that it could very well be the difference between someone requesting a showing to see more vs. them just driving by without stopping.

Curb appeal should address the greatest number of buyers

First impressions really do matter. Once a buyer is turned off by a property due to negative first impressions, it’s nearly impossible to get them back again. As a homeowner with a property for sale on the market you just can't afford to have that happen.

It’s important to have your landscape appeal to all home buyers looking for a home in your area and price range. While water features like pools and spas may increase the sale price, they will also restrict your buyer market to only those seeking such features. Others may see those features as unnecessary expense and upkeep.

Extensive flower gardens may restrict the sale of a home

The same can be said for extensive gardens on the property. To another gardener or someone with the financial means to hire a gardener, they'll most likely love them. But the rest of the world may see them as a whole lot of work that they’re just not prepared to take on even if they did know how, which many don't.

We recommend having a local landscape company to come in and update your landscaping and keep it manicured while it’s on the market. You’ll have plenty of other things keeping you busy like packing and looking for your next home!

Overgrown shrubs and trees hurt the sale of your home

A professional landscape company will edge your gardens, prune back overgrown shrubs and hedges, and open up the space between foundation plantings and your home’s exterior to allow for better air circulation. Large trees planted too close to the house or that have outgrown their space should be cut back or removed entirely. Most landscape companies can do that as well.

Professional landscapers can advise you on the best plan going forward that will put your home in a better position to be sold swiftly and to the right buyer.


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