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5 Ways to Sell Your Holden Beach Home Fast

Posted on 08/07/2015 in Holden Beach

If you’ve decided to list your Holden Beach home for sale chances are good that you’ve already put a lot of time in thinking about it and preparing for it. Once your home is listed the last thing you want to see is having it sit there, sometimes for months, without an offer. There are usually some pretty good reasons why your particular home may not be selling so do yourself a favor and heed the following precautions to avoid having your home become a stagnant property listing.


5 Ways to Sell Your Holden Beach Home Fast


1. Price
It is important not to overprice your home just because you can. Lowering your price repeatedly on a house that has been on the market a long time can be seen as a sign of desperation. As your listing agent we will help you achieve a price that is comparable with other similar properties in your neighborhood that have sold. Another option is to have a home appraisal done prior to listing.


2. When to List
Across the country the real estate market is most active during the spring and summer months, especially for larger homes. Couples with children want to plan their move to occur during months when their children are on vacation from their studies and can start fresh in a new school come September.  Smaller homes with one or two bedrooms are more marketable year round.

Listing during the colder off-season doesn’t mean your home won’t sell, it just means it may take longer. Increase the temptation for those looking by adding buyers incentives. That may be paying the closing costs, giving cash back, increasing an agent’s commission or help with financing.


3. Location
Let’s face it – some locations are just more preferable to others. Often that means a higher price tag. If you’re in a more affordable section of town, one that is rising up out of the ashes so to speak, there are things to do to improve your home’s image where it sits. Add security features to your home if safety could be a concern. Things like motion detection lighting in the front and rear yards, deadbolts on the doors and home alarm systems, are all good features to have.

Get to know your neighbors and establish a sense of community. Put a neighborhood watch program in place. Promote features of the location that may be close to public services like fire and police stations, hospitals, and dining.


5 Ways to Sell Your Holden Beach Home Fast


4. Ready for Sale
If you’ve kept up with home repairs and maintenance, polished up the curb appeal, and overall have no reason for the next owners to have to tackle repairs and remodeling, you stand a better chance of getting your asking price. When your property is in disrepair, needs a new roof or its driveway replaced, the market you most appeal to will be investors and buyers with home improvement skills looking for bargains. The more repairs your home needs the lower you’ll find the offers to be, regardless of your asking price. The more repairs you make before buyers view the home, the more likely you are to receive competitive offers.


5. Marketing
To give your home its best chance of selling quickly, it should be listed with a real estate firm such as ReMax At The Beach. In a popular location like coastal North Carolina, it’s important to have your property stand out from all the others that are also for sale. Allow us to use our professional experience to create a marketing plan that makes your home not just stand out but also sell fast.


Give ReMax At The Beach a call at 910-842-8686 and let’s discuss the timeframe for selling your Holden beach home so you can move into something even better!


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