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Things to Know About Home Inspections

Posted on 07/15/2015 in home inspections

If you’re considering purchasing any home it’s always wise to have a home inspection done prior to closing. When you’re financing a home with a lender it’s even more crucial. Purchasing one of our Brunswick Island homes for sale is no exception to this.


You will have time before closing to have an inspection done at your cost. Wise buyers will make their offer contingent on what may be uncovered during the inspection. Your contract should state this clearly. Newer homes that are for sale usually have no issues with passing home inspections with flying colors but older homes often require upgrades for safety purposes.

A home inspection will tell you many things about the home you’re considering if you use a reputable inspector. It will tell you things like:

1. What repairs are needed inside and outside the house.
2. How old the roof is and if it needs repaired or when it will need to be replaced.
3. The condition of the foundation and whether there has been any water damage in the past.
4. The condition of the heating and cooling system as well as all appliances that are included in the sale.
5. Whether the water heater, furnace and electrical service is adequate to sustain your household.
6. All plumbing will be inspected closely.
7. Is there insect or water damage anywhere in the home.
8. Do the windows and doors work properly or are locks missing and door jams warped or broken?
9. Is the septic system adequate and working and the drains free running.
10. If your potential new home has a fireplace the chimney will be examined.

Home inspections can vary based on where you live, type of property, and who the inspector is. Use a reputable inspector with good references. Sometimes your Realtor can make recommendations and at other times your lending institution will have a preference as to whom they prefer. Remember that a home inspection is for peace of mind. Most homes will have some issues – some minor, some major. This is your opportunity to negotiate getting the issues resolved or lowering your offer because of them.

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