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How to Prepare Your Home for Sale

Posted on 02/01/2017 in Home selling

Once you’ve decided you want to sell your home you need to do everything you possibly can to have it show well from top to bottom, inside and out. Long before you even call a Realtor you should start prepping your home for putting it on the market. We caution you – do not wait until it’s listed to start fixing and cleaning things. When you list with Re/Max At the Beach you could have showings scheduled as soon as you list!

It’s important to view your home through the eyes of a buyer when it comes to knowing what to focus on. Before potential buyers ever see the inside of your home, they view its exterior. As a result, a dirty home or otherwise unattractive view of the outside of your home could potentially result in a missed opportunity. You may think these things don’t matter but trust us when we say they very much do.

First Impressions: An inviting exterior ensures buyers will step inside. Keep your lawn trimmed and edged, flowerbeds cultivated, the yard free and clear of refuse. Remove any dead potted plants and replace with flowerings ones but only if you can maintain them.

Fresh Paint: Faded walls and worn woodwork turn buyers off. Freshly painted walls make them happy because it means less work for them. Show your prospective buyers how great your home can look and the result will be a quicker sale at a higher price.

A Clean Home is a Happy Home: Sparkling clean windows inside and out will help your sale. Get those dark marks out of the carpeting and scrub the scuff marks off the walls. Yes, these things really do matter.

Kitchens Matter, a Lot:  Keep oven and refrigerator interiors clean - they often get inspected. Scrub the stovetop until it sparkles, including the burner liners. 

Little Fixes Make a Big Difference: Loose doorknobs, sticking drawers and warped cabinet doors are noticed by the prospect. If you can’t fix them yourself then call in a handyman to have them fixed.

Closet Illusions: Clothes properly hung, shoes, hats and other articles neatly placed, will give your closets an organized look. Pack and store excess items to make them appear large enough and not over-stuffed. Paint the interior of closets a bright white to really make them feel spacious.

Fix Dripping Faucets: Dripping faucets can discolor the enamel and calls attention to neglected plumbing maintenance. 

Bathrooms Should Be Super Clean: Bright and clean bathrooms sell many homes. Less than that and they will sit for a long time. Keep toilet lids down and scrub out the scum and stains from the tubs and showers. Nobody wants to buy a dirty house.

The Brighter the Better: Illumination is key to a great showing. Turn on all the lights from the front porch, throughout the house and onto the back deck. The prospect will feel a glowing warmth; otherwise impossible to attain. Be sure to turn on lights during the day in rooms that are not so bright.

Three’s A Crowd: When a realtor and a buyer are scheduled to see your home you should leave before they ever arrive. Remove all pets from the home as well.

Turn the Television Off: The TV can distract from your home. Let the agent and the buyer talk free of any disturbances. Quiet instrumental music in the background sets a pleasant mood.

Smells Matter: People will linger in a fresh, pleasant smelling home. Stale air, bad odors like cigars and cigarettes or Lysol, make them want to leave fast and you will lose the sale. If you're not sure what your home smells like, ask a neighbor or friend to come inside and give their first impression. 

Trust Your Realtor: Don’t discuss price, terms, possession or other factors with a potential buyer. Refer them to us. As a seller, anything you say could compromise your position. As a third party, a Realtor from Re/Max at the Beach can better bring the negotiation to a favorable conclusion.



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