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4 Ways to Use Your Bonus Room

Posted on 10/28/2019 in Home Tips


Do you have a bonus room in your home but not sure how to use it or decorate it? We know that having that extra space in your home can be repurposed to your needs. Instead of the room being a catch all room, repurpose it for something that your family needs or want. Bonus rooms are more popular in the southern states because many don’t have basements unless you live in the mountains. Let’s look below at the 4 ways that you can use and decorate your bonus room.






If you have kids, then you know that keeping their toys all in one room can be a little difficult. Having a designated playroom to keep their toys in and more is just what any household needs. Use the bonus room to create a welcoming playroom where you can corral the toys into. Let the kids help pick out the paint color and add furniture that is perfect for them to relax in every day. Building or buying storage furniture such as bookshelves and cabinets will help keep the toys organized in the room as well. Just let the kid’s imagination run wild as you convert the bonus room into the playroom.


Home Office


Another great idea that you can convert the bonus room into is a home office. If you have a business that you run out of your home or you just like to have an office in the home, this would be perfect for you. Purchase some home office décor such as a new desk, chair, file cabinet and more can transform the room quickly. Just make it an inviting area that you can run your business out of or just relax while playing on the internet in your own home office.


Spare Bedroom


Do you have a spare guest bedroom in your home for friends and family to stay in during the holidays? If not, then changing the bonus room into the spare guest room is a perfect idea. Transform this room into a space that your guests will feel at home in. Purchase a daybed with a trundle bed, or a full-size bed just the right size to add to the room. Decorate it in a beachy theme or any theme you’d like that will make your guests not want to leave to head back to reality.


Craft Room


Have you ever wanted a room to put your craft supplies in and where you can craft all you want without putting anything away? Many families love to do crafts together as a family and why not have a dedicated craft room. Get shelves, tables, chairs and desks to complete the craft room. Never put away your silhouette machine and vinyl or your unfinished crafts because you can just close the door on the bonus room. What a great room to have in any home where you have someone who loves to make things to give to gifts or sell.


There are many more options where you can transform your bonus room into a room you won’t want to leave, but these are just a start. If you are looking for a home on the coast of North Carolina, allow us at Remax at the Beach to help you with your search. We can’t wait to hear what you want to design your bonus room as!


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