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Organize Your Garage this Summer for Under $50

Posted on 07/14/2019 in Home Tips

Summer is here and the kids are out of school, but that also means that your garage may look like it needs some organization. We understand that sometimes finding the time to organize your garage is at the bottom of your “to do” list. Since the kids are home from school, you can enlist their help to get the space cleaned up. We at Remax at the Beach have come up with a few ways that you can organize your garage this summer for under $50. Let’s look below to see how you can organize it and keep it tidy all year long.


Skates & Bikes



Many families have children who have more than one thing that they enjoy doing during the summer time. This can be riding a bike, skating or even using a scooter to get around the neighborhood. If you have many bikes that say the kids don’t ride or use anymore, get rid of them. You can either donate to a local charity, or you can give to another family in the neighborhood. For helmets, skates and skateboards you can purchase a specialty designed wall rack that you can keep everything on for safe keepings. This will not only keep you organized but can also keep the floor clear too of clutter. To keep the scooters and bikes out of the way, you can purchase hooks from the hardware store to hang them on the wall or ceiling of the garage.


Sports Gear


Sports gear is another number one thing that many families have stashed in their garage. Being able to keep all the equipment for the kid’s sports, fishing rods and more may seem like it’s out of control. Having a few things in your garage to keep the sports gear in is just what every family needs. You may be able to go to a hardware store and search for a rack that has several different shelves on it. To We suggest getting a clear storage box that will fit on one of the shelves to keep all of the balls. You can also grab another storage bin that can hold the gloves, cleats, and other sports gear. Store your fishing gear by hanging two wire shelves from your garage ceiling and slip the rods on top of the shelves. Grab another clear storage bin and store your other fishing gear into it. No matter what you need to store on the shelves, there will be plenty of space to do so.


Tools & Garden Gear



If you are living at the beach or living elsewhere, having enough storage for your tools and garden gear is a must. Get another shelving unit and store your tools on the shelves. And if you have an old file cabinet, you can paint it and reuse it for putting some of the smaller tools inside it and even your garden gear too. You can also take a pegboard and hang it on the wall near the tools. Hang up several different tools that you will use more often on the board and place the other things inside the cabinet. Also, if you happen to stop by a store, you can get a few smaller clear storage bins to hold other things like nails, screws, tape measure and box cutters. For your lawn mower or other yard tools, you can hang a few things and just leave some extra space to park your lawn mower in the garage.


While there are many other things that you can do to help organize your garage, these are the best options that we thought you’d enjoy at a low cost. If you still haven’t found your forever home with that wonderful garage, allow us at Remax at the Beach to help you with your house hunting needs. We hope that you and your family have a wonderful summer as you spend time together!

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