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When it Comes to Real Estate, Size Matters

Posted on 04/06/2015 in new home in Brunswick County

When buyers are shopping for a new home they usually know how many bedrooms they require but they’re not always sure how much or how little square feet that results in. About half the people looking for a new home in Brunswick County want something larger than they currently live in. Perhaps they’re raising a family or expect that once they move to the beach they’ll have a lot more overnight guests coming to stay. The other half of those shopping for their next home are downsizing perhaps due to a job change paying less, recent retirement or because the last of the kids has finally left the nest.


Coastal Real Estate in NC


Trends in real estate suggest homebuyers are deciding to put their money into larger kitchens, dining and living areas, rather than large bedrooms. That makes perfect sense when you consider the time spent in the bedroom is usually with your eyes closed! Why not use the majority of the square footage of a home in the rooms you spend the most time.

The amount of property that comes with a home is a concern that varies with the buyers. It isn’t quite as important for those without children. Some prospective homebuyers are seeing the property more as work than as a source of pleasure. Those with a broader vision and the means want to have an in-ground pool and a fully landscaped yard professionally installed.


Condominiums offer maintenance-free living in NC


Recent retirees are selling larger homes in the northern states and relocating to the Coastal Carolina’s to purchase maintenance-free residences such as condominiums and townhomes. The more temperate weather and lower cost of living makes this area a very desirable location that is also centrally located. Condominium and townhomes come with homeowner associations that cover the building and property maintenance and repairs. It affords a lifestyle many have come to deserve.

When you’re ready to look at properties, regardless of size, contact ReMax at the Beach. We know the area well and can show you around whatever size properties that would best meet your needs!


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