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Consider These Benefits of Buying vs. Renting Your Next Home

Posted on 01/15/2018 in home buying

If you are presently renting a home you may not realize the huge advantages of owning your own home. Most first time buyers are nervous about taking the steps to purchase that first home and many think they can't afford it. In today's market, there are great financing options for first time buyers and at Re/Max At the Beach we can help you find the perfect home that you can afford. 


When you pay rent to someone else you’re only paying for 30 days of having a roof over your head. But when you own a home your payments are being invested into something you own. Consider a mortgage payment a long term investment in your very own piece of real estate. Rental rates often increase every year and in the blink of an eye you can be asked to vacation. But when you buy your own home, you can rely on consistent payments with a fixed-rate loan to your mortgage lender that come with no surprises.

Buying a home provides you with the stability of not having to move again. You’ll have the freedom to make the home yours by painting the living room a color that matches your favorite couch. You can replace the vanity in the bathroom or hang your new television on the wall -- all without having to ask permission. Buying your own home also means you can get that dog for your children that they've always wanted.

If you think you don't have the time to care for and maintain a house then why not consider a condo or townhouse. Although you pay a low monthly association fee, most if not all of the exterior maintenance is covered. Some condo associations come with benefits such as a community pool, tennis courts and parks or common acreage. This is a logical step if you’re concerned about the responsibilities of being a homeowner.

Are you unsure if you can afford a home? There are many loan programs with low interest rates currently available. At Re/Max At the Beach we can assist you with locating a lender and get the ball rolling for you to find that dream home to call your own.

Our team has the experience and knowledge to guide you through the home buying process. Give us a call today at 910-842-8686 and let us help you stop renting and become a home owner!



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